Shipping without noise and smog

Long-haul shipping transport is the most important logistics artery in the modern world. Without shipping, international trade could not function and a large number of production processes could not be carried out without a regular supply of natural resources brought in by ships from the other side of the planet. But working on the open seas certainly has its risks and requires a well-trained crew and machinery precisely designed for these very challenging conditions. That’s why FIRSTGREEN Industries skid steer loaders are becoming increasingly popular among shipowners.

FIRSTGREEN Industries on the open seas

Fully-electric FIRSTGREEN skid steer loaders are currently in service on several overseas ships, where they are an invaluable aid in cargo handling. Not only can the Elise900 and MiniZ carry heavy loads at decent speeds, but they can also be operated remotely. This means they can work in the toughest conditions.

The Elise 900 can ensure efficient unloading of bulk materials from ships at the quay. The MiniZ, on the other hand, is suitable for the bowels of a ship, where it can serve as a helper that can handle heavy loads in confined spaces.

Thanks to the remote control of FIRSTGREEN loaders, workers on cargo and transport ships have a perfect overview of everything that is happening in these spaces. And they can move the cargo without any additional worries!

Long operation without delay

During operation, our loaders produce zero local emissions and noise. But above all, they also provide significantly lower running costs when compared to conventional machines used on ships. Diesel machines require expensive fuel and regular maintenance, while FIRSTGREEN’s fully-electric skid steer loaders are maintenance-free when compared to conventional machines and cost several times less to operate (saving hundreds or even thousands of euros per year). Our machines can run continuously for up to 8 hours on a single electric battery charge.

Safety for workers and machines

Working on a ship does not provide a completely stable environment. But even on rough sea and waves, FIRSTGREEN skid steer loaders can easily cope with steep inclines of up to several tens of degrees, thanks to their low centre of gravity and the almost 50:50 weight distribution of the machine. Workers do not have to worry about the loaders’ ability to keep up with changing conditions and can concentrate on their work.