Loading capacity

Equipped with a basic 240 Ah battery, the Elise 900 can safely handle loads of up to 900 kg, while the Elise900 with an extended 400 Ah battery can handle loads of up to 1200 kg.

8 hours of operation

8 hours of operation

96 V nominal voltage
1700+ charging cycles to 80%
5,3h charging time to 100%
3,0h charging time to 80%
23 kW with 240 Ah battery
39 kW with 400 Ah battery

3 637 mmhinge pin height

Thanks to its excellent stability and clever design, it can lift heavy loads up to an unrivalled height of 3,637 mm. This is supported by an oversized hydraulic circuit.

180 bar hydraulic oil pressure
65 l /min hydraulic oil flow
40 l hydraulic oil reservoir

Weight and stability

Enormous stability is ensured mainly by the low centre of gravity, which was achieved by placing the battery between the individual wheels and on the bottom of the machine chassis. The longitudinal stability is also ensured due to the battery extending to the front of the machine chassis.


The unique electric drive concept allows the Elise900 to move “at turtle speed” for maximum protection of the substrate. Depending on the type of use, 4 speeds for movement can be selected for the most efficient work.

0.1 km/h minimum speed
4 speeds for movement
35° maximum climbing angle
Precisely overcomes obstacles

Remotely controlled

The Elise 900 does not require to be always controlled only from the cabin. There is also the option of remote control via Danfoss joystick or any smartphone.


Zero emissions and noise

Another unquestionable advantage of the Elise900 is its addictively quiet running during operation. Finishing the work with our machine, the operator feels less tired than if he had finished the job with a noisy diesel machine, which was also polluting the air around him all the time.


The absolute versatility of the Elise900 puts the finishing touches to the possibility of combining the machine with more than 40 of our attachments. New efficient attachments are continuously being developed and gradually introduced into series production.

Additional equipment