Innovation for a smog-free and noise-free industry

Industry as a sector has been closely linked to technological progress since its inception. Companies that introduce innovative solutions earlier become the ones that succeed. Businesses should not only look for competitive advantages in the production process itself, but also in all activities closely related to it. These include the transport of materials, storage of goods or construction work within an industrial site. In all of these areas and many more, FIRSTGREEN Industries fully-electric skid steer loaders can significantly improve the productivity of companies.

A healthy environment for workers

Working with Elise 900 and MiniZ loaders does not endanger the health of workers by producing harmfull emission and disturbing noise. In fact, they produce zero emissions during operation and are much quieter compared to conventional diesel loaders. So companies that want to maintain a clean and healthy environment for their employees should definitely consider the advantages of electric loaders over conventional diesel machines.

Multifunctional solutions

There are a plethora of tasks that our electric loaders can take care of in an industrial area. From warehouse work to cleaning or construction tasks, both outdoors and indoors. FIRSTGREEN loaders can handle all these activities thanks to the more than 40 attachments we offer. Their installation is simple and they can be operated remotely, of course.

Economy of operation

The operation of FIRSTGREEN loaders only requires an electric power supply. So you don’t have to deal with buying AdBlue or oil as with diesel machines. Once the loader is fully charged, it can work for a full shift, i.e. 8 hours, without stopping. Once the work is done, our loaders do not require any complicated maintenance, so you save on service costs as well.

Industrial companies are constantly looking for ways to incorporate modern technology into production in an efficient yet environmentally friendly way. In this respect, FIRSTGREEN fully-electric loaders are the ideal choice.

Another advantage is that FIRSTGREEN machines are equipped with remote management and diagnostics. This gives companies a perfect overview of how the machine has been used, for how long, how gently, whether the machine has been overloaded, and even how the machine has been worked, where, and if it was according to the recommended procedures. This information is available in the FIRSTGREEN account. Our service department is able to carry out machine diagnostics online, so service tasks are considerably reduced by this option.