Livestock production without noise and smog

Although agriculture and animal husbandry have been with man since time immemorial, they are also areas that often reflect modern trends in technology. Today’s livestock farming aims above all to raise animals in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way, without loss of profit. Among the technologies that have the potential to play a big role in achieving these goals are FIRSTGREEN’s 100% electric skid steer loaders.

A cow barn that roars with efficiency

Today, our loaders are helping workers in several livestock production companies. Farms like using FIRSTGREEN skid steer loaders for many reasons. The main one is their versatility. While other equipment can only handle one narrowly defined activity, the Elise900 and MiniZ can be used exactly as required thanks to more than 40 unique attachments. From shovel to broom, FIRSTGREEN loaders tackle the task with maximum power and efficiency. They can be used in cowsheds, stables, poultry farming and all kinds of livestock production.

Peace of mind for animals and the wider environment

The quality of animal products is significantly influenced by the environment in which the animals are kept. Noisy and polluting machines therefore have no place in this industry. Fortunately, there is no need to compromise – FIRSTGREEN’s fully-electric skid steer loaders produce zero emissions and minimal noise. Moreover, the loaders can be operated remotely, so they can even reach areas that may be hazardous to employees.

Hassle-free and cost-effective operation

Working with FIRSTGREEN Industries loaders has another great advantage that not only farmers will appreciate. These are cost-effective machines. While diesel machines need expensive diesel fuel, the electricity supply for FIRSTGREEN loaders ensures both their sustainability and a significant reduction in the price per hour of work.