Loading capacity up to

One of its kind

Due to its compact dimensions, FIRSTGREEN MiniZ is perfect for work in complicated interiors. The MiniZ was designed primarily for applications such as interior construction, landscaping or work in crop and livestock production. Not only for these applications, it is without exaggeration a one-of-a-kind machine.

8 hours of operation

The MiniZ is equipped with a 225 Ah battery. The MiniZ can mostly operate for 8 hours per charging cycle.

48V nominal voltage
1700+ charging cycles to 80 %
5,3 h charging time to 100 %
11kW nominal power

Extreme power in compact package

The clever modern design of the MiniZ has allowed for a tracked loader that not only has unrivalled external dimensions, but also houses powerful and durable technology within its structure that can be relied upon. The machine and hydraulic circuit are driven by 3 oversized electric motors. Each of them has a clearly defined role, which also contributes to the efficiency of the machine’s operation.

Hinge pin height 2070mm

Despite its compact dimensions, the MiniZ electric skid steer loader can be as efficient as possible with a lift height of up to 2,070 mm, and up to this height the machine has no problem lifting loads of up to 400 kg. Thanks to a properly oversized hydraulic circuit.

150 bar hydraulic oil pressure
30 l hydraulic oil reservoir
25 l /min hydraulic oil flow

High-power tracked chassis

The MiniZ has a durable tracked chassis that gives the machine tremendous traction on all types of surfaces. The configuration of the track design can also be adjusted according to the preferred surface. Two speeds for movement can be selected for efficient travel during work.

1 100 kg service weight
1 500 kg total weight
2 speeds for movement

operating radius

Remote control

The MiniZ is fully controlled via Danfoss joystick or any smartphone. The controller can be mounted on the loader and the operator can work directly from the loader, or the controller can be easily released from the holder and the operator can move it freely around the working loader.

Zero emissions and noise

Another unquestionable advantage of the MiniZ is its addictively quiet running during operation. Finishing the work with our machine, the operator feels less tired than if he had finished the job with a noisy diesel machine, which was also polluting the air around him all the time.