Innovations for smog-free and noise-free rentals

Not every company or individual user can afford to own their own equipment, especially if they are only tackling a short-term project. For their purposes, there are rental companies where everyone can choose the equipment and tools exactly according to their needs. Rental companies that rely on outdated machines, however, will soon lose customers. Innovation is the engine of any business. That’s why we offer our FIRSTGREEN Industries fully-electric skid steer loaders for rental companies that want to keep up with the modern age.

Benefits for customers

Although the Elise 900 and MiniZ electric skid-steer loaders produce no local emissions and only minimal noise, it is to be expected that for many customers it is rather the price of operation that will make the difference. But here too, FIRSTGREEN skid steer loaders have a big advantage over conventional diesel skid steers. Electricity as an energy source is much cheaper and more accessible than diesel. After one charge, customers can use all the functions of FIRSTGREEN loaders for 8 hours. These economical running costs will attract a large number of people, whether for short or long-term projects (the longer you use the loaders, the more they save you). The eco-friendliness factor cannot be underestimated either, especially when it comes to projects where noise and smog can threaten protected nature or the tranquillity of urban developments. Thanks to simple remote control, the machines can even be used in places where workers’ health is at risk

Benefits for rental companies

FIRSTGREEN electric loaders are maintenance-free, while diesel loaders cannot do without a thorough service after each project. The rental inventory will therefore last longer and take much less time to maintain.

In addition, FIRSTGREEN machines are equipped with remote management and diagnostics. In the case of a rental, the owner of the machine has a perfect overview of how the machine has been used, for how long, how gently, whether the machine has been overloaded, whether the machine has been utilised in accordance to the user manual or where the machine has been working. The information is available in the FIRSTGREEN account that each owner has for each of his machines.

We also offer more than 40 attachments that can be offered together with the loaders. With their help, each loader turns into a versatile tool for a wide range of purposes, which also broadens the base of potential rental customers.