The Mölltal Glacier without smog and noise

The Mölltal Glacier, located in Carinthia, Austria, is the jewel and heart of the high mountains. Ski lovers visit the resort year-round to enjoy the beautiful nature and purity of the mountains. Thanks to FIRSTGREEN Industries machines, they don’t have to worry about noise, smog or other pollution interrupting their fun.

Working in extreme conditions

Both of our fully-electric, silent machines have found their way onto the Mölltal Glacier. The smaller MiniZ is primarily involved in maintaining the surrounding areas next to the buildings, restaurants, terraces and entrances, while its larger sister, the Elise900, helps maintain the driveways and roads that bring visitors to the resort.

A job in unforgiving conditions – the hard freezing temperatures and altitudes of over 3150 metres above sea level make the glacier a real challenge. It is currently the highest point in Europe where our machines operate.

It is here that the advantages of our machines are most apparent. Thanks to electric drive, unlike their diesel competitors, they do not need to be warmed up – so they are ready to work as soon as they are needed. Thanks to the absence of an internal combustion engine, not even the thin air of a high-altitude environment affects them. The Elise900 is equipped with a powerful heater, so operators do not have to worry about low temperatures.

Maximum performance for extended periods of time

Freezing blizzards can be harsh, but FIRSTGREEN Industries machines can handle them just as easily as snow and ice. Climbing gradients of up to 35 degrees are not a problem, and with a wide range of up to 40 attachments, they are truly versatile machines. Snow blower, snow plough or angle broom? No problem, the Elise900 and MiniZ can handle any task.

Even temperatures well below freezing won’t compromise the battery efficiency of our machines. They run for up to 8 hours on a single charge, reach full charge in 5.3 hours, and only take 3 hours to reach 80% capacity. There was no need to worry about the machines stopping their work in the middle of a shift.

An environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution

In addition to zero local emissions and quiet operation, our machines also found their place on the Mölltal Glacier thanks to their low operating costs, which are up to 95% lower than competing diesel-powered machines thanks to electric drive. The combination of all these factors makes FIRSTGREEN Industries machines the perfect helpers even on the mountain tops.