In the heart of the White Carpathians without noise and smog

Not far from the border with Slovakia, surrounded by the beautiful nature of the White Carpathians, lies the village of Žítková, famous for local legends about women with supernatural powers. Nowadays, the heart of local agricultural production, which tries to preserve traditional processes and live in harmony with nature. In such environment, it is hard to imagine heavy and noisy diesel machinery polluting the surroundings with fumes containing large amounts of toxic gases. That’s why sustainable agriculture experts choose FIRSTGREEN Industries fully-electric skid steer loaders.

Respect to the environment above all

Organic farms thrive in the White Carpathians, cultivating high quality produce and meat without the use of harmful substances. In addition to farmers, a large number of endangered flora and fauna also thrives in the local landscape. Examples are the purple loosestrife, orchis mascula and other orchids. Rare animal species include the chimney swift or the rosalia alpina. These factors have a significant impact on the way the whole area is managed.

The fully-electric skid steer loaders Elise900 and MiniZ ensure that the balance between man and nature is not disturbed, thanks to zero local emissions and minimal noise. FIRSTGREEN Industries loaders do not produce harmful smog and operate in a way that reduces the impact on the surrounding environment.

They are therefore machines tailored to demanding field work even in protected landscape areas where similar conventional equipment is otherwise not allowed.

Machines capable of handling all sorts of tasks

The great advantage of FIRSTGREEN electric loaders is not only in their low operating costs, but also in the wide array of versatile attachments. We offer 40 of these, from snow blowers, wood chippers to mulchers. In agricultural production and in the management of natural monuments, FIRSTGREEN loaders can therefore do a lot of work. Thanks to the remote control, they can also be sent to hazardous locations that endanger the health of workers. Our machines run for up to 8 hours on a single charge, so they won’t stop working in the middle of a shift.